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On the morning of 9th October, 2014, H.E. Sieng Emtotim, rector of UBB, welcomed a delegation from Khon Kaen University (KKU), Thailand, for visiting UBB. The purpose of this visiting was to discuss about collaboration in academic and international relations between CGSM KKU and UBB.


Dr. Hendri Bustamam, a visiting lecturer from University of Bengkulu, Indonesia, is conducting a workshop on "Biological Control of Crop Pathogen" to agriculture students at UBB from 08-09 October, 2014.


Congratulation to our two staff who were accepted by International Liaison Office of UNIB to conduct their researches at University of Bengkulu (UNIB), Indonesia for a duration of one month.


UBB encourages its students to excel. Students are expected to explore and think critically about issues rather than simply repeat learned information. To do well, students will need to consult different sources and evaluate them from a critical perspective. UBB will assist students to gain employment with its well established curricula and its reputation as a leader in higher education. As well as preparing for a rewarding career, studying at the University of Battambang will help students to analyze, understand and contribute to society, and to offer qualified human resources to the community. Studying @ubb